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August 27, 2013


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Well, not necessarily recognizing it, but then do acknowledge that some women will stoop to low levels to get what they want.

In this case, I'm referring to babies.

Some women are so desperate for babies, that they will stoop to levels listed in the following post:

All kinds of troubles can surface if a CF guy is in a relationship with a woman who has decided she wants to spawn. Here are few stunts she can try:

>There can be accusations that the man is being abusive because he "denies the woman her most basic right".
(This is nothing more than a guilt driven manipulation. Refusing to provide DNA is not an abuse.)

>Go behind the dude's back and try to convince his friends that they "need to talk to the guy".

>Talk to her friends to get them to pick at the guy every chance they see him and tell him that he needs to procreate.

>Make a sad face every time she sees a kid and keep telling her guy "why don't we have one of these?"

>Pick out a disorderly single moo out of a crowd, get the guy's attention, tell him that "at least she was special enough for somebody to have kids with her"

>Refuse to go to family gatherings because "they have kids and we do not"

>Keep telling the guy that life for a woman is not a life that is worth living "unless there is something to live for". In this example: kyds

>Refuse to get a job and keep sucking at the guy's income that way he will feel terrible about booting her out since she has no income and no place to go. While having that at her disposal, continue to demand man juice and baybee. (If you have to, pay for about 1 year's worth lease of an apartment and take her and her stuff over there)

>Throw a guilt trip and tell the guy "You do not love me because you do not want to have kids with me" - argument is really pointless because what wanna moos loves a CF man? Love cannot be one way.

>Try to throw herself at the guy every time that he is around. Accuse him of not wanting to have sex because he does not love her.

>Try to contact the guy's family members and tell them that the guy refuses to give them a grand sprog.

>Get her family members to call the guy out in the open, in front of many other members and ask: "so, when are the grand babies are coming", while all are looking at guy.

>Tell that guy that she has health issues and that pregnancy is not possible.

>Throw daily hissy fits and keep grinding away at the guy, every day, about how she needs a baybee and how so many other couples have them and how this one guy did not want kids but he had them anyways and how he just loves in.

>Tell you regularly how wonderful of a duh you would be.

>Point out the people that have kids that the guy knows, tell the guy that those people are very responsible and that he is not.

>Throw a tantrum every time there is a pregnant female in sight and tell the guy that it is all his fault

The list can go on, but I think that point of a matter is that if you are a CF guy and you somehow ended up with a wanna moo, there is no end to the list of extortion, manipulation, guilt trips and other tricks in order to obtain what they want.

If any lurking wanna breed is reading this, please understand, you are not going to get what you want out of a CF guy. Your tricks may only be clever to you, but to a CF man, they are more of the same. So please, instead of looking at your man's nut sack with a flash light to see if you can find vasectomy scars (and you won't, because of the tissue type that scrotum is made out of), why don't you instead look at personal ads online and find somebody who wants to share your views. If you dump your CF partner, you are doing him a huge favor.

Now, the double standard I'm referring to is that if a man were doing any of these things, there would be outrage by multiple women's groups. And understandably so. I would say that the guy doing that is a jerk.

However, when a woman wants to do it, I hardly hear anything except for places like this and the forum I got the italicized text from.

I think women like the one in the text are emotionally abusive bitches!

I don't care what your gender or orientation is, you do not do that to your partner if you know they're on the opposite page!!

Instead of playing games of lies and deception, then just inform your partner that you've made up your mind about wanting to have children and break up with them! No matter how painful it is right now, it'll save you a lot of pain in the long run. Believe me.
CrimsonFALKE Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The CF world is only praised when women do it.
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